Patrick Riegert

Greetings. I'm Patrick.

Editor. | Copy-Writer. | Digital Nomad.

Patrick Riegert

Communications Specialist & Digital Nomad

How I Operate

Learn client's needs and project goals.
Assume nothing -- ask questions.
Provide realistic timeline.
Respond and adapt to shifting requirements.
Update client on milestones and incorporate feedback.
Deliver exceptional projects and outstanding no-nonsense service.
Drive motorcycle off into the sunset.

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I have a decade and a half of experience in corporate marketing (B2B and B2G); strategy and business development; media relations and PR analytics; project and small-team management; copy-writing, editing, and scoping; and writing digital content, byline articles and op-eds, case studies, and high-readership newsletter content. I’ve never hesitated to embark into uncharted territory, whether that be to form a marketing and communications consulting business, seize an opportunity to teach and travel in China, take on Infantry Officer training, become an integral part of the most senior legislative body in Canada, or complete a 19,000-km motorcycle road trip through the United States and Canada as a freelancing digital nomad.

My resourcefulness, professionalism, resolve, unconventional mindset, and ability to deliver unparalleled results for my clients make me a valued project asset, regardless of whether I'm team-integrated or operating remotely.

What I Do

The various specialized services I provide my clients.

Editing, Proofreading, & Copy-Editing

A quality editor is a collaborator -- a textual guardian angel. He needs to be timely, professional, and exacting. Of equal importance, he needs to be in sync with the creator and their work to understand and best serve the project. From the august halls of the Senate of Canada to the quiet and eccentric offices of roleplaying-game design studios, I've provided layout and editing services for a variety of clients and organizations.

Copy-Writing & Content Creation

There's a lot of fluff and white noise bombarding audiences that have grown resistant to and cynical of appeals for attention. Integrity. Conciseness. Brevity. Stand out for the right reasons. Whether it's digital content, customer case studies, journalist briefing documents, white papers, corporate marketing collateral, or press releases and op-eds, my writing experience runs the gamut.

Marketing, PR, & Outreach

Marketing is about garnering the desired kind of attention and then providing your audience with a straightforward and appropriate way to respond. Excellent outreach ensures the right audience is tuned in and receptive to your message. I've handled corporate marketing, media relations, outreach, and promotion for all kinds of clients, from multinational information security companies to start-up design firms.

Résumé / CV

A sampling of my relevant work experience.


Bachelor of Arts, Honours


Queen's University

1998 - 2002



Edited Memento Mori Theatricks' Parsely games line of tabletop roleplaying games, and advised regarding those games' system mechanics, and text designations and style.

Memento Mori Theatricks

2017 - Present


Hired as in-house copy-editor for well-known publisher of awards-winning tabletop roleplaying games. Associated projects: Burning Wheel Codex; Middarmark, a Torchbearer game setting; and Inheritance.

Burning Wheel Headquarters

2016 - Present

Scopist (Editor)

Proofread and edited stenography transcripts of Senate debates (Hansard) and committee proceedings. Used audio recordings as the basis for accuracy, and had authority to exercise editorial discretion. Additionally, researched references to/in bills, acts, Speaker's Rulings, court decisions, quotations, and other sources.

Senate of Canada

2007 - Present

Editor & Game Design Consultant

Advised on system mechanics, and streamlined and edited rules for the awards-nominated card-based tabletop roleplaying game Hope Inhumanity and its Marital Law expansion; provided consultation regarding marketing and promotion, and ran new-player demonstrations at gaming conventions.

Lost Cause Games

2012 - Present


Worked closely with established, awards-nominated tabletop roleplaying game studio to proofread and copy-edit the following rulebooks: Remnants; The Broken Lands, a Remnants sourcebook; Warbirds; You Must Be Mad! Warbirds RPG Mad Science Sourcebook; and Warbirds Jet Age Sourcebook.

Outrider Studios

2011 - Present

Digital Content Creator

Researched industry sectors; consulted closely with clients on desired impact of their websites on their clients and prospects; outlined strategy for and created content; and provided thorough project follow-up to refine content, layout, and typography.

Forget Smith Morel Barristers; and Michelle Martin CA Professional Corporation

2012; 2013

ESL Teacher

Formulated lesson plans, devised learning-centric activities to stimulate English language exposure and absorption, collaborated with other teachers re: best practices and feedback, addressed parents' questions and concerns, and aided with out-of-class study and advancement. Taught a gamut of students, from preschool to advanced business English; generated and maintained enthusiasm for English through a proactive and dynamic teaching style that targeted real language use and conversation- and role-play-based student interactions; instructed in one-on-one environments as well as in classrooms of between 5 to 60 students.

English First China (Tangshan, Hebei)

2006 - 2007

Communications Officer

Was point-person for press release activities, including opp discovery and follow-up, content drafting, internal and external approvals, outreach strategy, and release impact reporting. Acted as liaison for government marketing and media opportunities with PWGSC, and for DRDC with U.S. Homeland Security. Redesigned the corporate newsletter (customer and prospect base of 30,000+), drafted content, coordinated with Web team, and subsequently monitored and reported metrics to executives. Customized media analytics Web app to account for cycling corporate interests and competitors; reported on and made recommendations regarding launches and initiatives; and formulated custom reports for monthly, quarterly, and annual "share of voice" reporting for executives. Wrote by-line technical articles, journalist and topical backgrounders, key message documents, and message boards for executives.

Entrust Inc.

2002 - 2006

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Available for freelance work.

While I tend to maintain engagements with a number of clients, I keep my hours flexible, and I'm open to new opportunities. Let's discuss how I can help you take your project from concept to fulfilment.

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